Ricky's Real Estate Tips

January 2014
Well, after a fantastic 2013, it looks like 2014 is going to be a great year as well.  Once we see a little stretch of warm weather and sunshine, I think we will see a really strong start for the new year.  A lot of homes that have been on the market for five or six months are now going under contract.
Interest rates are still exceptionally low, and if you're thinking of selling, don't wait until Spring, as many buyers are looking NOW.  Be sure you get a good full-time agent, and one with a strong track record.  Buying or selling a home is one of your most important financial investments in your lifetime, so don't discount yourself to a part-time agent who is in the business for a hobby.  Your home and your purchase are much more important than that.
My advice to anyone who is in the market for a home is to make your decision much quicker.  Don't assume that the home is going to remain on the market and be waiting for you four months down the road, as sales are happening.   
If you're in need of a good agent, I can help in either selling or your next purchase, or both.  I am humbled by how many of my former clients still call me just to say hi, or how much they love their home, or even give my name to someone else to help them in buying or selling.  Call me anytime at 423-677-7541 and let's get acquainted! You can reach me anytime, and you never have to apologize for what time you are calling.